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milomedia (Grant W Forrest) embodies a multifaceted creative spirit, seamlessly blending the realms of digital consultancy and conceptual artistry. As an adept digital consultant, my expertise spans a diverse spectrum of digital design, encompassing branding, planning, social strategy, print design, UX/UI innovation, and comprehensive project management.

My journey as a conceptual artist * mirrors this intricate balance, allowing me to delve into deeply personal artistic explorations that evoke emotion and memory. Through intimate conversations, I weave individual insights and artistic vision into bespoke creations that resonate profoundly with each commissioner.

In both digital consultancy and artistry, I view my work as a transformative force. I believe that art, much like the digital landscape, possesses the capacity to heal, connect, and inspire growth. While some of my art might evoke challenging emotions, the ultimate aim is to cultivate joy, connection, and personal advancement.

By tapping into memories and emotions, my pieces often unveil forgotten positive experiences, fostering new pathways for healing and introspection. This nuanced approach mirrors my comprehensive expertise in areas such as User Acceptance Testing, Accessibility, and business consultancy, where I aim to offer deeply personalized and transformative experiences.

* - Works available to view on instagram - @theartistgwf

I hold the role of digital director at Basestation, with a handons approach I oversee steering digital strategies and operations while actively pursuing freelance projects, spanning digital consultancy and personalised art commissions.

Feel free to reach out for a consultation without any obligations using the provided contact information.